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Welcome to the NEW Manta Owners forums and technical group site. This site was established in October 2021 to replace the aging site. We have moved ALL files, wikis and prior Mantatech forum content to this site and have added many new files.

We are requesting all Manta owners to sponsor this new site with a minimum $25 contribution. The sponsor link is below (green button) and you can use PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Card. All sponsorship funds go directly to the Manta site and can only be used for hosting fees. No admins/moderators can access the funds. It's a tiny price for the wealth of information shared! Please note you can only sponsor from the website and not from the IOS or Android apps.

Manta began in 1993 and unfortunately closed in 2008.  In total, 127 Sail Cats and 11 Power Cats were built and have been safely taking their owners all around the world. 

As Mantas are one of the few catamarans built in the US, you’ll often find our boats cruising South Florida, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean.  Many have also completed circumnavigations!  It is not unusual to find several Manta Cats moored near each other. If you see a Manta in a marina or anchorage, stop by and say hello. We love to show off our boats and share our love of sailing and cruising aboard our Mantas.

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